You’re probably sensing a theme. All of the forms of marketing we promote most at Karma PR involve earning the publicity you receive.

That’s kind of the point though. Modern consumers see through traditional marketing campaigns, so they recognize when your business isn’t offering them any value. That also means they’ll notice when a company steps out of the mold and focuses their efforts and advertising on things that their customers actually want to know and see.

And the bigger the effort, the bigger the reward. You think local news stations aren’t desperately looking for a good fluff story in such turbulent times? Spending $500 on a charitable effort in your community can easily land you on the morning news, getting you more attentive and trusting eyes for less than it would have cost you to actually purchase the advertising slot. 92% of customers say they trust earned media. That trust translates into brand loyalty that can’t be bought.

Another great thing about Earned Media is that you can do it with or without us. Simply do something meaningful in your community and contact the local news tip-line or send a press release to the newspaper. The rest should take care of itself.

But if you want to be assured that your efforts get as much attention as possible, and maybe even hear a few potential ideas that we think would impact your audience in a meaningful way, then we’re always here to help. To learn more about how much strategy can go into your charitable giving, and what that can mean for your bottom line, visit our Strategic Philanthropy page.