Rethink the Way You Brand Yourself

Modern consumers see through traditional advertising.
At Karma PR we believe transparency and generosity make a bigger impression on your target audience than any kitschy ad campaign…and we can prove it.


Our Beliefs


We believe that advertising done right can make the world a better place.

However, hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent every year on ads that simply annoy the consumers they’re trying to appeal to. On top of that, experts estimate that $35 billion of ad spend is being completely thrown down the drain due to the growing use of ad blockers.

If you want to stand out in the crowd, give your customers a reason to like your company that goes above and beyond the products or services you provide. If you cultivate goodwill and provide valuable content to your followers, they will reward you with brand loyalty that far outlasts any traditional marketing campaign.


How to Get Involved

Work with Us

Our bottom line is the same as yours. If your business isn’t growing, neither is your advertising budget – or your faith in our strategy. That’s why we’re focused on the marketability and ROI of everything we do.

Nominate a Cause

This is critical to what we do here. Some of the best causes are the hardest to find. We are always looking for new opportunities to make a meaningful difference. We work with a wide range of businesses so no need is too big or small.

Donate Anonymously

Don’t run a business or want any credit? Tell us a little bit about what causes mean the most to you and we’ll recommend some meaningful opportunities. We take 0% of all donations.


What People Say

“I found my team when it comes to professionalism and thinking outside the box…They earned a loyal customer.”

Joseph Yakuel, Agency Within

“I cannot recommend them enough. They’re efficient, professional & affordable. Their work is game-changing for sales & brand awareness.”

Kyle Bowling, CTM Therapy

“Excellent work! Came in, got a good understanding of the goal, put a plan together, and executed the plan beautifully.”

Donald Owen, HNO Greenfuels

“Trevor is a talented and caring professional. He puts his heart into every project.”

Jeff Gusky, National Geographic

Clients and Partners


Anyone Can Make a Difference

Ever heard a voice deep down inside that yearns to do more good in the world but doesn’t know where to get started?

Tell us a little bit about what you’re interested in, any special skills that you have, and what types of causes you’d be interested in helping. We’ll pair you a deserving organization that needs exactly what you bring to the table.