Marketing is all about understanding your customer. That’s why our approach is centered around them. We believe today’s consumer is intelligent and wants to be educated when making a purchase. That’s why we take a “They Ask, You Answer” approach.

Instead of trying to tell people that they want to buy what you’re selling, listen to them. What do your customers want to know? What do they like about what you offer? What do they not like? What are they regularly confused by? What’s important to them?

Knowing your customers not only allows you to better serve them, it allows you to market to them in a way that they actually appreciate. Teaching your customers everything you can about your industry, not only creates an informed customer base, it positions you as the expert and creates an audience that actually comes to you willingly.

So what can your business do to improve your customers’ experience or lives in general. There are several ways to approach this, but at Karma PR we focus on three main strategies:

Content Marketing

Content Marketing draws prospects into your sales funnel, grows brand visibility, credibility and desirability, AND engages your target market with relevant information in a way that they actually appreciate.

On top of this, it has a natural snowball effect that creates traffic exponentially as you continue to create and share new content.

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Strategic Philanthropy

Making the world a better place is a trendy thing to do these days. Social consciousness and responsibility are more important to your average American than ever before. And your average consumer is much more aware of – and jaded by – the traditional approach to advertising.

So why not adopt a marketing strategy for the modern world?

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Earned media (also referred to as “free media”) is publicity that is created through efforts other than traditional paid advertising. It can take a variety of forms – a social media testimonial or a television or newspaper mention for example – but one thing is constant:

Earned media can only be gained organically. It cannot be bought.

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